RIP Gunny R. Lee Ermey|Death| Marine Corps|

RIP Gunny R. Lee Ermey|Death| Marine Corps|
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Gunny R. Lee Ermey Tribute

A tribute this Fourth of July weekend to a great American, Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey. He might not be a great therapist, but when the heat is on, he's a guy you'd want in a foxhole near you.

R. Lee Ermey Final Goodbye From Marines

Semper Fi Gunny, till Valhalla ►NavaTheBeast Supplements http://www.fuegosupps.com ►Official FREE Military Workouts https://tinyurl.com/yauudzbn ►15% off Alpha Clothing using "Nava"' at

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R. Lee Ermey (March 1944 – April 2018) Rest in Peace ● Pay Your Tribute ● Share Your Thoughts Remember Us → https://goo.gl/XzNtnn Follow Us: Twitter → https://twitter.com/RIP3ooo Facebook

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"But always remember this: Marines die, that's what we're here for! But the Marine Corps lives forever. And that means you live forever!" - R. Lee

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It is with great sadness that Ronald Lee Ermey passed away today. Personally from every inch of my soul, this man is a legend to the military community. Semper Fidelis Gunny R.I.P. Ronald