Desiree Linden and Yuki Kawauchi win the 2018 boston Marathon

Desiree Linden and Yuki Kawauchi win the 2018 boston Marathon
Desiree Linden and Yuki Kawauchi wins the 2018 boston Marathon

Teeming rain, strong winds and the coldest temperatures in 30 years upended the Boston Marathon on Monday, contributing to upset finishes, including the victory of Desiree Linden, the first American woman to win the race in 33 years.

When her fellow American Shalane Flanagan made a quick stop at a portable toilet about 45 minutes into the race, Linden slowed, apparently to wait for Flanagan and help her rejoin the lead pack when she returned. Flanagan soon tired and wound up seventh.

Kawauchi’s winning time was 2:15:53. “For me, these are the best conditions possible,” he told reporters after the race.

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HapinOregon 3 minutes ago
They ran. Baseball and golf would have postponed...Ave

Will L. 3 minutes ago
Come on - the article doesn't even say what Desiree Linden's winning time was!

LS 3 minutes ago
This was the craziest major marathon I have ever watched. The top 10 women were a bunch of unknown non-elites. When the 2nd place woman...


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Kawauchi defies the standard custom of elite runners of entering just two or three marathons a year. Many of Japan’s top marathoners compete for corporate teams that dictate very different schedules. The victory on Monday was his fourth marathon, and fourth victory, of 2018.

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