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Amazing Tones and Beautiful Necklaces! Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger, Joe Perry, Santana, Metallica, Vernon Reid, Nancy and Ann Wilson, Tom Riepl, Craig Bartock, The Black Crows, Jorge Santana, Rachelle Ramm, Richard Lundmark, Tattooed Millionaires, Crow Song, Dinah Lee, Jungle Pilots, Rui Veloso, Matt Bellamy, Roo, TST, Rocky George, Lethargy, Guss Scherer, Erik Buell, now Elvis Costello are among thousands of proud Brossard Picks owners!

"My Brossard guitar and mandolin picks are the most beautiful looking, feeling and sounding I've ever used. Each one is a wearable work of art but more importantly, brings the true humanity and range of character out of each instrument."
~ Nancy Wilson of Heart ~

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